Backups are a part of Office 365, aren’t they? No

365 cloud backups

Office 365 backups

You probably assume that Microsoft takes care of backups in regards to Office 365, Exchange, Onedrive and Sharepoint. While Microsoft does look after the underlying infrastructure and application up-time, it is the responsibility of the customer to protect and manage their valuable business data.

When it comes to working in cloud-based applications, the option of granular recovery isn’t a given. But the opportunity for human error is.

Humans delete precious files, overwrite one another’s documents, and accidentally download viruses. SaaS vendors may or may not have a recovery solution for you. In the case that they do, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be simple, that you’ll get the data in a useful format, or that the recovery will happen quickly or at a low cost.

Reasons to backup Office 365

Accidental deletion: In cases of user deletion, whether accidental or on purpose, that deletion is replicated across the network. Data loss requires a lot of time, resources and expertise in attempting to restore the lost information. This cost may be more devastating to a business depending on the content lost. A backup can restore that user, to Office 365 or an on-premises Exchange.

Reverting to previous versions: Internet scams and viruses where all files within the business are locked until a ransom is paid is an another example of why backups are necessary. More information about these scams and how you can protect your business can be found here.

Internal threats: A disgruntled employee purposely destroying information that is useful to the company, without backups this information will be lost. Having a high-grade recovery solution mitigates the risk of critical data being lost or destroyed.

Retention policy gaps: The retention policies associated with Office 365 are difficult to keep up with, let alone manage. A backup provides longer, more accessible retention all protected and kept in one place for ease of recovery.

External security threats: Viruses and malware have caused serious damage to organizations globally in just the past year alone. A backup can easily restore mailboxes to an instance before the attack.

Legal and compliance requirements: Ensure you can retrieve mailbox data during legal action and to meet any regulatory compliance needs.

Backup Solution and more information

Bang I.T Solutions is a specialist Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that offers an effective, easy to use Office 365 backup solution. Whilst human error cannot be avoided, the stress, anxiety and costs of data loss and corruption can be with Bang I.T’s backup solution that initiates 6 times daily for your business’s Office 365, Exchange online, OneDrive and SharePoint data.

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