Joe Warrick


Spot the Scam – March 2018 Edition

One of the latest phishing scams doing the rounds is using Apple branding to try and dupe victims. The scam functions by first sending victims an email detailing that their Apple ID has been locked. This email contains a link that supposedly takes the victim to the Apple website where they can unlock the account. The website is of course

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Cloud Apprehensions

2018 is already well upon us, and statistically, 80% of our resolutions will have already failed miserably. Whether it was losing weight or learning a new language, chances are it’s not quite gone to plan. There’s no shame in that, priorities may have unexpectedly changed or unforeseen obstacles may have appeared. However, if one of your resolutions was to move

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Brandjacking – Dropbox Scam

It is incredibly frightening how easy it is becoming for our personal data to be stolen. Nowadays, all scammers need us to do is unwittingly click on one single link in an email. Everyday, cybercriminals are devising new techniques and methods to get us to click on said links. One such method that is on the up is brandjacking. Brandjacking

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Firewalls, Firewalls, Firewalls

Regardless of whether you are an IT professional or not, the likelihood of you encountering the term firewall is very high. Whether or not you know what one is on the other hand is a different question. In addition to this, understanding the role they play in network protection is incredibly significant. In today’s blog, we will look at what

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Human Hacking – A Look At Social Engineering

We all keep hearing about these terrifying hacks that are resulting in extensive financial and data losses. Hacks that leave whole networks infected due to some complex malware/ program. A recent example of this is of course ‘WannaCry’, the malware which encrypted data and charged a ransom for it’s recovery. Obtaining someone’s data doesn’t always need to be a complex

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Phishing – Think Before You Click!

Phishing is a method used by hackers to try to obtain your personal data. The ideal result of phishing is to get hold of an unwilling user’s details such as login credentials and/ or bank details. Another possible consequence of this attack is where a user accidently downloads malware. The malware then infects the user’s PC. Phishing attacks solely rely

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Spot the Scam – November 2017 Edition

In the last few months we have noticed an increase in the amount of scam/ phishing emails. These kinds of emails are constructed by a scammer to try and trick a user into providing personal information such as bank details and passwords. The emails appear to be sent from a legitimate sender. The quantity of such emails is of course

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Password Protection: Time to take it S3r1ou5ly!

We are all aware of the role a password plays in data access security. They function in the same way a physical padlock does. They prevent unauthorized access. We are also fully aware that passwords should be complex and near-on impossible to crack. However, the percentage of people that actually take this advice on board is startling. In a recent

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Office 365 Q&A – 12 Months On

With this week’s blog, we thought we would change things up a little. Instead of a formative piece outlining certain technology/ infrastructure advances, we wanted to create a more interactive installment. In previous blogs we have discussed moving to Office 365, and all the benefits and wonders such a move can bring to a business. However, being a Microsoft Gold

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Choosing a Connection

This blog will look the factors that should be under direct consideration when the time comes to setup either your first business internet connection, or to upgrade an existing one. When your business first started out and was in it’s infancy, a standard residential internet connection may have been enough to go about your day-to-day tasks. The speeds provided by

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