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    Office 365

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    Microsoft Office 365 combines all of the latest versions of the Microsoft Office suite you know and love, and provides a variety of cloud hosted communication solutions, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint and Skype for Business. You can tailor your packages to suit your requirements, and pay on a month by month basis. No more mail servers, no more file servers, no more stress!

    You can purchase any Microsoft licence from us, we will manage the infrastructure, and migrate all of your existing mail and data.

    Some Office 365 features

    Full version of Office Applications
    Office Online
    Office on tablets and phones
    Cloud file storage and sharing (1TB per user)
    Skype for Business
    Yammer Social Networking
    Business-class email, calendar and contacts
    SharePoint intranet

    Business Internet

    Good internet is paramount to businesses of all sizes these days. As cloud services such as Office 365 become more and more popular, the need for reliable fast internet has never been greater.

    We have partnered with multiple vendors to be able to offer the best service for your location and requirements. We can supply a variety of access technologies across copper and fiber.

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    The Ultimate Virtual Managed Desktop

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    Host all of your Business Applications, including custom built Windows applications in one of our Tier 3 datacentres. Accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world

    How will your business benefit?

    No servers to manage – We’ve already bought the hardware and configured it
    Hosted in Australian Tier 3 Data Centre – 99.95% guaranteed uptime
    No more painful upgrades – We will upgrade your software centrally, out of hours at an agreed time, so it doesn’t affect your productivity
    Scalability – As your business or requirements grow, we can quickly and easily increase your resources
    Monthly billing – No big upfront costs. Pay on a per user per month basis

    Virtual Server Infrastructure

    Our easy to use cloud platform is simple to use, fast, and cost effective. Choose from a variety of Operating System Templates, and have a VM up and running within minutes.

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    Not every business has a budget, or a requirement to justify a full time service desk. We understand that.

    At Bang IT Solutions we have the tools and resources to deliver a service desk to compliment your business. We have various plans tailored to suit your requirements, whether it’s unlimited support, or pay as you go ad hoc support.

    Whatever your requirements are, we are here to help

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    Web Hosting

    These days web hosting is 2 things….important and cheap

    Important – Every business needs a web presence.

    Cheap – Lots of web hosting companies are offering cheap web hosting these days. How? By overloading single servers with thousands of websites, and offshoring their support. At Bang IT Solutions we ensure that our servers are never over 50% resource capacity, and all of our support is based in Australia.

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    Backup is like insurance, you need it, you’ll rarely use it, but when you do need it, you’ll be glad you have it

    What are your options?

    Onedrive and Sharepoint – 6 x daily backups with unlimited storage – accidentally change or delete a file and restore to a previous version with 1 click
    Exchange Online Backup – 6 times daily backup with unlimited storage – restore a deleted email with 1 click
    Local File Server –  backup all your files to our cloud platform
    Onsite servers – Use Azure site recovery to keep an offline up to date copy of you server – turn it on in the event of a disaster

    Hardware and Software

    We have access to hardware from all of the major IT vendors. We can advise you on the best hardware that meets your budget.

    Already know what you need? We can probably find it cheaper.

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