So far, we have analyzed the importance of protecting business/ personal data and security, as well as the role back-ups play in helping achieve this. To finalize this series, let’s discuss further solutions which can save us all the headache of data loss. The solutions below are options to safeguard data and to ensure only the right people have access to it.


Anti-Virus software is a crucial component of data and device protection/ security. This software is used to detect and prevent objects such as viruses, worms and trojans. Accessing the internet without such software can infect your computer and network at an alarmingly quick rate. With the example of the ‘Wannacry Ransomware Attack’ in mind, it is easy to see just how vital Anti-Virus software is. Minimalize the chance of an attack of this nature by using an Anti-Virus package.

Carrying on with the theme of the aforementioned attack; making sure your computer is completely up to date is essential. Some of the computers that were hit were running older (Windows XP) / out of date software. Regularly updating your software lowers the chance of any potential bugs or loopholes being exploited. Programmers and designers are constantly making tweaks to their software. Staying up-to-date with these changes is of upmost importance.

Another tool that is important to consider are firewalls. Firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized access to your computer and network. This system uses a set of rules to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic/ communication. Any traffic deemed to be malicious is blocked and denied entry.

Think of a firewall as like a checkpoint on a road, and only cars with an acceptable permit can pass through. Every car is monitored to confirm whether it can continue travelling down the road or not. This increases security tenfold as everything is now monitored.

The words Password Required on a roadblock barrier sign or block

A simple option of protection is the use of complex passwords. The more complex the password, the smaller the chance of it being cracked/ guessed. Creating a password policy can be beneficial. Setting a password to be a minimum of say 8 characters, and to expire every 3 months could be valuable elements of such a policy. The only issue with a more complex password policy is the fact that passwords may become more difficult for a user to remember; so please make sure that passwords are never written down anywhere!

close up of teacher hand with marker while teaching lessons in s

It may sound obvious, but educating your staff cannot be underestimated. Making sure staff are aware of their online footprint and actions can be valuable.

It is such a common scenario nowadays where an employee has opened a link in an email thinking it is perfectly harmless, when actually they have just welcomed a dangerous virus onto the company network.

The key is to be proactive, not reactive!


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