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Spot the Scam – November 2020 Edition

Cybercrime doesn’t stop just because it’s getting closer to the silly season – in fact this is when cybercriminals ramp up their activity, so you need be extra careful. Below are some of the recent scams noted by MailGuard, one is a fake email pretending to be from Netflix and another is a phishing scam from PayPal. Netflix Email Scam

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Spot the Scam – October 2020 Edition

It’s that time of the month again where we highlight the latest email scams circulating the world wide web, courtesy of MailGuard. See below some scams Aussies should be looking out for. The first is from Australia Post and the Second TPG and iinet. Australia Post Scam Firstly, Australia Post is being targeted by a phishing email scam where it

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Spot the Scam – September 2020 Edition

Email scams never stop and neither do we! For the month of September there are two more scams that have popped up on MailGuard’s radar that you should be aware of. The first one involves using Adobe Document Cloud to harvest a user’s credentials and the second scam is a Zoom-like phishing email. Adobe Document Cloud This Adobe phishing scam

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Spot the Scam – August 2020 Edition

Here at Bang IT Solutions we want to keep our clients up to date with the current email scams to make sure they avoid a potential data breach. For the month of August two new email scams have been highlighted by MailGuard that are currently circulating people’s inboxes. One is using compromised Dropbox accounts to scam users and another asks

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SharePoint Phishing Attack on Office 365 Users

What is Phishing? Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, password and credit card details (and money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. The cyber attack dubbed “PhishPoint” demonstrates the craftiness and extent cyber criminals will go to in order to harvest Office 365 credentials. Context can be

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Backups are a part of Office 365, aren’t they? No

Office 365 backups You probably assume that Microsoft takes care of backups in regards to Office 365, Exchange, Onedrive and Sharepoint. While Microsoft does look after the underlying infrastructure and application up-time, it is the responsibility of the customer to protect and manage their valuable business data. When it comes to working in cloud-based applications, the option of granular recovery

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Office 365 Q&A – 12 Months On

With this week’s blog, we thought we would change things up a little. Instead of a formative piece outlining certain technology/ infrastructure advances, we wanted to create a more interactive installment. In previous blogs we have discussed moving to Office 365, and all the benefits and wonders such a move can bring to a business. However, being a Microsoft Gold

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(The) 3 Key Reasons for Migrating to Office 365

There are vast amounts of blogs preaching why an Office 365 migration is a must.  Just one simple Google search similar to that of today’s title will attest to this. You could spend all day learning about the wonders of SharePoint collaboration or the amount of OneDrive storage that is issued per user (1TB!). However, sometimes the needs of a business can

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Why you should consider moving your business to Office 365

Bang I.T Solutions – Office 365 migration | Cloud solutions specialists  2017 is well and truly among us and more and more businesses are migrating to Office 365. There are several good reasons for an Office 365 migration which we’ll outline shortly. The main one for me personally, is the ability to access Office 365 applications and documents from anywhere,

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