BANG Cloud IaaS platform

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MORE BANG for your buck

Cost Effective – Australian owned so no fluctuation in price as the exchange rate fluctuates, unlike Azure or AWS.
Quickly provision VMs from a range of templates, or build your own in a matter of minutes.
High Performance – leverage the performance of a distributed platform.
Low latency Networking
Security/Compliance – Hosted locally in Australia in tier 3 data centers.

INTUITIVE Web Interface

Manage all of your VMs from an easy to use web interface

Rapidly Provision Instantly clone and deploy

Bang Cloud IaaS platform allows you to provision instances, storage and networks instantly. Our technology provides the flexibility to allocate resources when you need them, in the exact quantity that is required.

Traditional Enterprise Cloud architecture (V1.0)


BANG Cloud Next-Gen Architecture (V2.0)

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Bang IT leverages Infiniband technology, unlike most traditional cloud providers that use Ethernet. Typically found in supercomputers, Infiniband is a key component that enables Bang IT to offer you significantly higher I/O performance, all the while maintaining data consistency through synchronous replication.


Bang IT’s distributed block storage system (DSAN Storage) combines commodity cloud hardware with high speed Infiniband to create a reliable, scalable storage alternative to traditional SANs and direct attached storage.

infinite on-demand scalability

Bang IT Solutions understand the unpredictable demands on resources and volatility cloud services must support. We meet these challenges by allowing you to scale-out instantly, without performance loss or prohibitive pricing.

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network integration via direct connect

We believe in flexibility, so whether you want to use a private network, or a blend of networks, our platform can be tailored to meet your unique configurations and requirements. Deliver public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, all from within the same control panel. Interconnect with us at one of many network PoPs.

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