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New Year Spam Email Awareness Happy New Year! As we usher in the promises and resolutions of a fresh start, there’s something else that’s unfortunately making a return – New Year spam emails. These unsolicited messages are not just annoying; they can be dangerous, tricking you into parting with personal information or downloading malware. Let’s


MFA or multi factor authentication is an authentication measure where users have to input more than one verification method to access their account. MFA needs to be an integral part of every organisation’s security as identity fraud has grown since the pandemic begun. According to Andrew Conway, General Manager, Microsoft Security cybersecurity has evolved over


As the end of the financial year sales begin to emerge, so too does the phishing emails.  This month, users need to be on the lookout for a phishing email leading to fake Australia Post accounts, a scam email pretending to be a DHL “delivery attempt” notification and a phishing email with Microsoft and Adobe

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