Should You Have One Or More Cloud Service Provider?

Diversifying your cloud services

Cloud services are ready and available everywhere, featuring an abundance of providers to choose from. But is it better to use one platform for all your online needs – or diversify your content throughout more multiple service providers? Nowadays cloud services are nearly as pervasive as credit card payments, and as critical to proper functionality and productivity – quite interestingly almost half use just one, Amazon AWS.

Why You Should Diversify Your Cloud: A Lesson From AWS

As many customers and consumers found out at the end of February 2017. There will always be outages and mistakes, no matter how big the company. In the case of Amazon AWS, it was a case of a human error. An employee attempting to resolve a much smaller problem ended up taking many servers offline. This outage meant users were unable to reach popular online services like Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb, Reddit and IMDb. More information about this outage can be found here.

What does this outage mean for everyday businesses such as yours? Having only cloud services with AWS (or any of the other big players), you’re held hostage by their infrastructure. We all know that redundancy is key for stability and great up-time, but that doesn’t just go for providers – customers should practice it as well!

The solution to avoiding downtime when there is another inevitable failure is to diversify your cloud services across multiple vendors. This is especially relevant if your business value is reliant on internet services. High quality internet connectivity is recommended when utilizing any of these services, further information regarding choosing an internet connection can be found here:

Next steps!

Hopefully after reading the above you now have some insight into the risks involved with using a single cloud platform. Bang I.T Solutions is a specialist Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that offers two Cloud platform options. Powered by award winning OrionVM here in Australia, we can help with your cloud infrastructure needs. We are also a certified Microsoft Partner, which means we can assist clients migrate to the MS Azure platform too. For more info you can reach us at Bang I.T Solutions on: or 1300 770 035.

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