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2017 is well and truly among us and more and more businesses are migrating to Office 365. There are several good reasons for an Office 365 migration which we’ll outline shortly. The main one for me personally, is the ability to access Office 365 applications and documents from anywhere, any time. This is super convenient in so many ways, whether you are (pretending to work) at home, interstate, O/S or stuck in a coffee shop with torrential rain outside and no umbrella, like I was this week.  I was still able to pull documents from our SharePoint site and get all important info over to a client. All without troubling anyone at the office for it.

As Office 365 lives in the Cloud, you can access all your goodies from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Unless you still live in a cave, you can also access it on any device. Whether that be Windows or Mac, tablet, phablet, smartphone or laptop. 365 is also available on both Android & iOS.

SharePoint is great to have – it really is – coming from an environment that didn’t have it, it’s refreshing to have one central repository for all your shared documents. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Most importantly, an Office 365 migration will save your company money. On average we see clients save at least a quarter of their spend by saving their data in the Cloud. Sometimes this figure is a lot more depending on their set up. You won’t need to pay for a file server when you’ve got SharePoint and OneDrive – it’s all in the 365 Cloud, so no back-up, DR or BCP’s.  If you’re still using Office 2003, 2007, 2010 or even 2013 then there’s a whole host of benefits you’re missing out on.

Bang I.T Solutions specialise in Office 365 migrations and covering off all questions for you along the way. For more info on an Office 365 migration or Enterprise Grade Cloud solutions, you can reach Bang I.T Solutions on: sales@bangitsolutions.com or 1300 770 035

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