Christmas is the best time to take advantage of unsuspecting email users. With an increase in online shopping, there comes an increase in mail scams. Here are two mail scams you should be wary of this holiday season thanks to MailGuard.

 The two scams focus on a DHL mail alert telling recipients they have a package waiting and the second one is from Hong Kong Post.

DHL Package Scam

According to MailGuard it has intercepted another phishing email scam purporting to be from global shipping company, DHL.

The email is titled “Warning!” and uses a display name of “DHL service” and contains a sign off from “DHL Tracking services”. However, the domain used in the email address provided in the “From” field doesn’t belong to DHL, it originates from an external hosting platform.

The platform may be compromised or set up by attackers for fraudulent reasons. MailGuard recommend all users to delete these emails immediately.

image of an example of a scam email pretending to be from DHL

Hong Kong Post Scam

This scam is titled “your package is ready”, the email uses a display name of “Delivery” and contains a sign off from the postal services company.

According to MailGuard, the domain used in the email address provided in the “From” field doesn’t belong to Hongkong Post. It is from a third-party account belonging to email delivery service, SendGrid. This account may have been compromised or set up by the attackers for the express purpose of tricking users.

The email body contains the Hongkong Post logo, and it asks users to confirm the payment of “10 HKD” in order to complete the delivery of a package. A link is provided for them to do so, with a note informing users to complete the payment within the next “02 days”.

Learn more about this scam here.

Take Home Message

Email scams or phishing come in various forms either telling someone they’ve won money; their account has been hacked or prompting a change in password.

If you’ve received an email from a sender that doesn’t seem familiar or a contact has sent you an email with information that doesn’t seem quite right, please flag it with us and we will review it for you.

Every month we will be sharing the latest in email scams courtesy of MailGuard.

To get a more comprehensive understanding of how to spot scam, please refer to one of our previous blogs:

Phishing – Think Before You Click!

Using mail protection software is a great way to control email, and reduce the chance of receiving such scam.

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